Beth Short – Black Dahlia

This is my horror

One of the most famous unsolved murder cases has to be that of Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia. Elizabeth was born July 29, 1924 in Massachusetts.

At the age of 5 her father Cleo disappeared, many thought he had committed suicide, but later he wrote a letter to her mother Phoebe apologizing for leaving. He was never allowed to return to his family.

Beth, as she preferred to be called, became very close to her mother and they would frequently visit the movies. This  started Beth’s obsession with becoming a famous movie starlet.

At the age of 19 Beth moved to California to be with her father and pursue her acting career, however, the stay didn’t last long as he asked her to leave when she started staying out late and becoming lazy.

She was later arrested in Santa Barbara for underage drinking and ordered by police to return…

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