The Black Dahlia Apparel

Much attention has been centered around Short`s manner of dress when she was alive.  In fact, her apparel is part of the rumour as to how her media name, Black Dahlia, began. Some say Short was called Black Dahlia in life because of her penchant for wearing black, her black hair, and the dahlia she usually wore in her hairdo. A deli owner on     stated “     she was known as the Black Dahlia.“ Personally I doubt this story. None of Short`s friends have confirmed it and certainly none of them ever stated toblack-dalhia-p1 police or press that they called Short the Black Dahlia when she was living. Aside from this, Short also liked to wear other colours besides black; she particularly favoured pink and blue.

It is also rumoured that Short got her nickname from the movie The Blue Dahlia, a film that was released the previous year. The press made a play on words from the movie to Short`s nickname, although in the film the Dahlia wasn`t a person but a nightclub. I believe this is the likely source of Short`s media name.

The press degraded Short`s style of dress. They described her as wearing “sheer`` (meaning transparent) blouses and purple_dahlia_line_art_wip_by_robouser1469-d486te2tight skirts. This information was false. There are many pictures of Short in public with dates, friends, and alone. Her clothes are tasteful and they embody the “ideal“ feminine wardrobe of the time: high-collared blouses, and A-line skirts.

Anne Toth stated that Short, “ was fastidious about herself. She was the type that didn’t want anybody to touch her clothes and she didn’t want to touch theirs. She washed everything, she was a very meticulous person.” Short went without food in order to buy new clothes. Short added the flower as an afterthought, a piece of her own signature style. Short had no idea how significant the little flower would one day become. The flower wasn`t with Short`s body when it was discovered. The killer must have kept it as a souvenir.



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