What Do the Cops Say (sung to the tune of What Does the Fox Say)

Well, the Feds to be precise. The FBI also place a priority on Short’s murder and eventually created at least one report on her. The document enclosed is 51 pages in length and contains letters from members of the public to Hoover about various speculations on who the killer was, memosdump_10, correspondence, request for the Chicago Police Department to assist the Los Angeles Police Department by interviewing its own suspects, information on suspects, and documents tracking Short’s movements on the last day of her life.

The documents specifically mention:

  1. that on her last day alive Short and a male suspect attended Tom Brenamen’s for an apertif after they attended a Columbia Broadcasting Station show.
  2. that Short stated to friends Mark Hansen was very jealous about her
  3. a communication about the LAPD already investigating the mutilation murders of young women but were unable to confirm the identity of many dead women
  4. upon finding Short’s body on July 15, 1947, the LAPD were “against confronted with this problem” (of not being able to identify the victim)
  5. a suspect who had worked in the navy as a medical doctor, performing numerous surgeries, while he was merely an imposter.


Doubtless there are many more files and reports of this nature on Elizabeth Short within both the FBI and LAPD archives. This is veritable proof that the FBI, the Chicago police force and the LAPD worked actively for a number of years trying to solve Short’s murder. No end of effort went into breaking the case of the beautiful, broken doll.

Oddly, thousands of people today believe the case was solved but the police refused to identify the killer, so the case was marked as unsolved. Nonsense. What would be the purpose of leaving a nutcase out on the streets to terrorize more women? And if this person was of political worth, how was it that his lurid movements weren’t more easily detectable, and therefore preventable? Like most of us, politicians are creatures of habit. Their movements tend to be quite predictable and involve a lot of PR-related events. The neliza wallews announces well in advance whenever a particular celebrity, politician, or other important person will be attending (or being the star attraction of) a current event. And if anyone now knows anything about Short’s murder I am inclined to agree with a wise observer who stated “that person would be worth millions.” Who’s going to hold out on that?








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